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Openwork and international certifications

Openwork's technologies meet safety standards

Jamio openwork security

ISO/IEC security certificates

The infrastructure providers used for hosting the Jamio platform, as well as the Openwork company, are ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018 certified.

In addition, the infrastructure providers are ISAE 3402 certified: 2011 (a standard that assesses the resilience of a data center, or rather its ability to ensure the continuity of services provided, specifically the Aruba IT1 data center, which hosts the Jamio openwork service, has been certified at the highest level TIER IV/RATING 4 i.e., capable of avoiding service interruptions even in the event of major failures) and ANSI/TIA 942-A-2014 (a standard that establishes rules for data center design and specifies requirements for network architecture, electrical design, system redundancy, risk control, environmental control, and energy conservation).

Support and maintenance services are organized according to the ITIL methodology, security services according to the CRISP methodology.

Jamio on the ACN catalog

Qualified Cloud Services for Public Administration

The Cloud Marketplace is a platform that exposes services and infrastructure qualified by theNational Cybersecurity Agency (NCA) in accordance with the provisions of Directorial Decree Prot. No. 29 of 02/01/2023.

Within the Cloud Marketplace, it's possible to view the data sheet regarding the services offered by Jamio openwork, which are certified and qualified for Public Administration activities.


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