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Digital health with Jamio

The patient is always at the center of the process

Monitor the patient

The Jamio platform makes it possible to model a generic diagnostic-therapeutic-care pathway (PDTA), monitoring therapies, risks and significant events, keeping the patient always at the center of the process.

Share the information

Ensure your organization's professionals have a tool that is accessible in mobility, from any browser and device. Eliminate the uncertainties of paper transcription, allow objectivity of evaluation and immediate comparison.

Keep data safe at all times

Jamio is ISO 27001 certified and is designed and built to ensure maximum security in data management, in compliance with the GDPR. With Jamio, the security of your patients' information and your organization's data are no longer a concern.

The benefits of a no-code platform

Streamlined processes and reduced errors in health care

Simplifies operational activities

Activities aimed at patient care and monitoring are often carried out by different operating units located in the territory and/or at the patient's home. Jamio orchestrates all information and simplifies repetitive low-value activities.

Govern data and reduce diagnostic errors

You can orchestrate a large amount of data and information, in a single, highly secure cloud-based ecosystem. In addition, digitization with Jamio enables transparency of procedures and concrete reduction of errors.

Horizontal scalability

Flexibility, modularity and scalability. These are the features that make the Jamio platform adaptable to all health care settings by allowing facilities to expand their information system according to needs inside/outside the organization.


Some success stories in health care

Jamio's no-code method

Jamio is an application development platform that enables the creation of cloud applications for business process management without using programming code while also benefiting from the quality and security of Microsoft Azure

They chose us

CCMS, PDTA, and clinical risk

Jamio accompanies healthcare facilities as they transition to Digital Health