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Harness the power of spreadsheets in Jamio

Connect your excel files to your solutions and make knowledge processing easier

Jamio's Plus

Support your decisions or processing complex calculations with spreadsheets

With Jamio you build solutions where you also need to benefit from complex information processing through spreadsheet querying.

Jamio through the Spreadsheet Automation Plug quickly connects to your spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx, .ods files) and reads their processing without having to access them directly. In fact, the methods exposed by the Spreadsheet Automation Plug allow you to read or write values into aspreadsheet, returning the updated spreadsheet if necessary.

Manageable use cases are very diverse, for example:

  • Manage complex and continuously updated authorization rules that feed Jamio's processes
  • Manage complex calculations such as processing a bid or budget
  • Generate a timesheet
  • Manage the administration of a therapy to a patient through decision tables managed by health care professionals
  • and much more......

Separates knowledge maintenance from solution maintenance

Your digital business in one solution, on one Cloud platform

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Don't make others do what a spreadsheet can do very well!

Harness the power of spreadsheets in Jamio