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Manage your processes with organizational logic

Give value to organization management in your solutions

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Model the organization with no-code tools

A platform that enables software solutions for organizations, to be considered complete, must also provide designers with tools for managing organizational components.

Many platforms defer resolution to the issue to an integration with external user management and/or authentication systems. However, these technologies(e.g., Active Directory and/or the LDAP protocol) were designed and implemented with an orientation toward IT resource management and not business process management, and this is a major limitation.

Managing organizational components with a business process management orientation means being able to condition how an application operates according to: the characteristics of the user and/or organization, the user's membership in the organizational context, and even collaboration between different organizations.

Jamio includes, among its modeling tools, tools for editing organizational components, integrated with the other tools, thus being able to represent with Human Resource Oriented no- code language:

  • Organizational Units
  • Organizational Positions
  • Assignments
  • Identity
  • Organizational Blocks
  • Identity
  • Groups

Manage Business processes with a strong organization-oriented logic

Interconnect your solution's elements by harnessing the power of organizational rules

Organizational rules solve business cases, even complex, that require integration among information, processes and organizational components.

Some examples of rules

The request can be authorized by:

All Executive or Management type users with a budget approval autonomy of up to €10,000

The field "discount" can be filled in by

All users belonging to the Commercial Area of an Organization authorized to manage discounts

An outgoing Pec can be read only by the

Responsible for the one who sent it


Highly intuitive tools
to quickly manage organizational components

Jamio's Plus

Manage Virtual Enterprise by sharing flows across multiple organizations

The management of organizational components in Jamio allows you to manage multiple organizations in the same Work Area or to write business rules across multiple Work Areas. This skills the operability of virtual enterprises such as supply chains, networks, communities, consortia, etc., an ideal feature for those who need to sharea process or workflow among multiple entities that crosses the boundaries of each organization and unites, in a strictly operational logic, different actors.

  • Supply chains
  • Networks
  • Community
  • Consortia
  • Corporate groups
  • and much more. 

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