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A business process is a set of interrelated activities that accomplish a service for a given purpose. A process, therefore, is represented by events, connections, activities, choices, resources and cycles, but also structures and organizations and the interactions that occur between all these elements.

An example might be approving an order, writing a bid, accepting a patient in the emergency room....

Jamio enables the creation of applications that orchestrate, through processes, data management services, user activities, and automation activities, in a logic that adheres to organizational practice.

  • Design business processes with the language of business
  • Quickly model and edit solutions
  • Make applications immediately usable on Cloud

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From design time to run time

Processes modeled in design time with Jamio Composer, following publication in a Jamio workspace on the cloud, generate process instances that are immediately available at Run Time, i.e., immediately usable by the front-end in the modeled solution. These instances follow a specific lifecycle that includes several execution states from startup, to completion.

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