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Jamio platform enables integration with more than 180 applications

Our team of developers works every day to ensure that you have more and more integration possibilities with external applications. In addition, the platform natively offers access to many external services such as FEA, OTP, Survey, Payments and more.

Gateway Rest Open API

Jamio has a REST gateway that conforms to the OpenAPI standard.

Jamio & Microsoft Azure: PaaS and IaaS at your service

The Jamio cloud sits on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure, a combination synonymous with the highest guarantee of security and efficiency.


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Jamio for system integrators

Rest Open API Integration

Simplify and expand your possibilities for integration between applications.

Jamio has an OpenAPI standard-compliantREST Gateway that allows code to be automatically generated from a swagger descriptor for client applications that query Jamio's services.

The goal is to make Jamio the interconnecting element between different isolated systems, to be an overcoming of the logic of information departments and the vehicle of true organizational integration.

Jamio for system integrators

Jamio is on IaaS Microsoft Azure

Jamio chooses Microsoft Azure to guarantee its customers an ever-evolving Cloud, with the highest performance efficiency, and best security procedures. Jamio can count on the Cloud and data center infrastructure among the most advanced in terms of security, speed,

So many services-at your service.

Take advantage now of the many services Jamio makes available to you and quickly integrate them into your cloud solutions.
Our platform natively integrates services such as, Advanced Electronic Signature or Qualified Electronic Signature, OTP generation, Document Automation or Spreadsheet automation, Survey, Stripe, Standard digital preservation ...

In addition, Jamio gives you a privileged avenue of integration with the innovative services of Microsoft Azure.
A world of functionality, in one platform!


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