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The evolution of low-code is no-code

The present future of software development is without code

Jamio is a no-code platform

What is no-code development?

The no-code approach represents a real revolution in software application development.

It is a forward-looking and innovative development method that allows any resource in an organization to create software applications without knowledge of programming languages.

In fact, through the use of visual tools, conceptual models and rules of behavior, no-code enables business applications to be built quickly and efficiently, converting any team member into a "Citizen developer."

With Jamio's no-code you can

  • Building software solutions without IT skills
  • Reduce application development time
  • Get cost-effective customized solutions
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The Value of Model Driven

Rapid process workflow

Model driven is the software development methodology that relies on the use of visual tools and advanced technologies to create models of software solutions that represent organizational components, data models, process flows, integration components, and more.

This is the very essence of the no-code approach in that thanks to drag-and-drop interfaces and configuration through parameters and rules expressed in natural language, it's possible to configure software applications, without needing to know, precisely, programming languages.


Jamio is an Openwork-branded technology

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Jamio's no-code method

Jamio is an application development platform that enables the creation of cloud applications for business process management without using programming code while also benefiting from the quality and security of Microsoft Azure

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No-code can really become your best ally