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Brokerage application services lowcode nocode

MAGAZINE N.46 | Brokeraggio dei servizi applicativi: il vantaggio competitivo...

Brokeraggio: una parola che ai più riporta al mondo assicurativo. Ed infatti nelle assicurazioni il brokeraggio è "l’attività di mediazione compiuta dal broker, intermediario finanziario.

Artificial Intelligence lowcode nocode software development

MAGAZINE NO.45 | AI (Artificial Intelligence) threatens application development...

The year 2023 was certainly the year in which AI went from being a topic for insiders and present behind the scenes for years.

Digitization method lowcode nocode

MAGAZINE NO.44 | Vision no-code, getting off on the right foot...

What happens when an innovative start-up and a social cooperative come together with a desire to embrace change? A CHALLENGE WONIt was a good one, in fact a very good one.

Short master Citizen Developer Jamio

MAGAZINE No. 43 | Training Citizen Developers: Jamio featured in the Short...

The growing presence of low-code and no-code application development platforms in the market is leading to the emergence of new and different professionals who, without.

Magazine Jamio openwork PEC REM

MAGAZINE NO. 42 | 5 reasons to obtain a tool of...

We all know that PEC (Certified Electronic Mail) is the computerized "substitute" for the expensive registered mail with return receipt, and for this reason it is certainly a generator of.