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Document Automation

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Take advantage of the benefits of document automation

Jamio enables full digital management of a document thanks to the help of the services of the Document Automation Plug. This Plug Jamio, integrating several third-party technologies, allows you to govern processes that include Documental automations, to eliminate unnecessary human activities, reduce the execution time of processes and errors.

During the Design Time of processes in Jamio, specific methods of the Document Automation service can then be invoked to build ad hoc solutions where it is required, for example, to:

  • Auto-compose Reports from predefined templates (a letter - an offer - a contract - minutes - etc.)
  • Convert files to PDF - PDF/A - PDF/X - etc.
  • Generate a label and affix it to a file
  • Generate a barcode and a QRcode
  • Affixing an advanced electronic signature or electronic seal

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