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Process and submit forms/questionnaires with Plug Survey

Enrich your solutions with forms and questionnaires with Jamio's Plug Survey

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Create questionnaires to collect data and make decisions

With the Jamio Plug called Survey , which integrates SurveyJS technology , it is possible to distribute links to forms or questionnaires, from a predefined template, know their completion status, consult their contents, and collect all the data for later processing.

Managed links can be of the following types: UNIQUE, i.e., filled in by a defined and known number of individuals; PUBLIC, i.e., they can be filled in anonymously by all those for whom the relevant link is made available; and PRIVATE, i.e., they must be filled in by a user who can log into Jamio.

With no-code you quickly create questionnaires for data collection and processing

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