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Competence Center

Openwork in digital training projects

To spread the culture of digital innovation

Competence center

What are competence center

Competence Centers are technology districts that aim to transfer to SMEs the knowledge needed to foster Digital innovation.

To achieve this goal, Competence Centers make use of the collaboration between ICT companies and universities, focusing on the training and enhancement of young graduates with research and innovation projects; after appropriate training, these figures will have acquired the knowledge and digital skills necessary to support Italian companies, private and public, in the transition to Digital transformation.

The role of Openwork

Openwork's collaboration in training projects generates figures able to enter to the labor market and filling the gap on digital knowledge in SMEs, conveying to companies the importance of Digital innovation to improve productivity, in order to make Italian industry flexible to market changes and at the levels of other European countries.

Openwork collaborates with Bari Polytechnic University e University of Turin, with the aim of fostering the growth and expertise of professional figures in the IT field, focusing on the approach to logic by process(Business Process Management) with the help of the opportunities offered by the no-code approach to software application development.

Preparing young people and matching them with businesses

A new digital figure

UNITO and Openwork to build the role of the Citizen Developer.

University of Turin, Department of Management, with the collaboration of theAssociation of Technologies for Accounting and Accountability Aps and the company Openwork, have signed an agreement aimed at the study, dissemination and application of emerging technologies for the growth and development of companies and professional firms from the perspective of accounting and accountability.

The focus of common interest, study, research, teaching and application on no-code technologies for software development without using programming languages . The no-code approach allows the emergence of a new professionalism, that of the Citizen Developer.

The synergistic work between UNITO and Openwork includes:

  • Didactics
  • Courses
  • Research on no-code technologies applied to processes
  • Events
  • Conferences and panel discussions
  • Collaborations with national and international institutions.

Spreading knowledge and digital skills

Your Value Partner

Openwork accompanies young people and businesses toward innovation