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Productivity benefits, inside and outside the company

Cloud computing offers enormous benefits to companies that want to overhaul and digitize their business processes.

The ability to centralize information and processes in a single location accessible from any Internet-connected device without any investment in infrastructure enables employees to have access to business applications wherever they are, securely and making it easier to collaborate and share information within the organization.

This means not only being more agile and adapting better to market needs, but also increasing overall productivity with the least consumption of economic resources.

The Jamio cloud platform empowers enterprises with different values:

  • no investment in software licenses transforms long installation times into imperceptible activation issues
  • Adapts resources to the evolution of the organization by purchasing only what is needed
  • Enables test and acceptance environments in parallel with the production environment and simplifies deployment
  • no problem dealing with the scalability of IT resources: it's a complexity hidden by the platform

Jamio is a collaborative platform on Cloud

Jamio & Azure

Microsoft Azure Cloud Security

Business information and data are among a company's most valuable assets.

With some of the most cutting-edge Cloud and data center infrastructure in terms of security, speed, flexibility and Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft Azure becomes synonymous with assurance and reliability.

However, there are situations where the use of Microsoft Azure IaaS may not be the answer: this is the case of customers operating in Finance or Healthcare where it is expressly required that the "data" managed, in accordance with current regulations, be physically "maintained" in data centers geographically located in Italy.

For this reason, the infrastructure behind PaaS Jamio can support hybrid configurations where services are delivered either through Microsoft Azure or through Aruba data centers based in Italy.



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Jamio is an application development platform that enables the creation of cloud applications for business process management without using programming code, benefiting from the quality and security of Microsoft Azure

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