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Jamio no-code

The platform based on no-code approach

With Jamio you develop application drawings without using code

The Jamio method

Build software applications without code

Jamio's no-code enables the creation of software without having to know traditional programming languages.

This method, in fact, consists of building business applications through the use of visual languages, conceptual models and rules of behavior in place of typical programming code, allowing even resources who are not specifically programmers to be able to independently create software applications, transforming the member of a team into a "Citizen developer," i.e., a user who, while neither a professional computer scientist nor a code programmer, can build business applications.

No-code, in fact, allows all the underlying technological complexity to be "hidden" allowing users to focus only on business logic the language understandable even by non-computers.

How does Jamio's no-code work?

  • Build business processes as if they were drawings
  • Associate rules of behavior with your workflows
  • Publish solutions on Cloud
  • Use applications remotely
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No-code means building software solutions for the organization using the language of Business

Most companies are reviewing their operating models to stay abreast of market changes.

A no-code platform like Jamio openwork, allows you to quickly computerize your company's processes and make applications usable on the Cloud.

Build process prototypes

Design business processes with the language of business without the use of programming

Make them work right away

Publish prototypes of your workflows to the cloud and make them immediately usable

Evolve prototype into complete solution

After testing the prototype proceed with the incremental approach and preserving what has already been created refine it into a complete solution. That's the power of no-code!


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What's changing? Here's how no-code can help you deal with the challenge >

Change is forcing companies to speed up the pace of innovation in business processes and business models.

  • A challenge as apparently insidious as it's onerous, but the no-code approach can empower companies to actively govern change.

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When can Jamio's no-code be useful to you?

There are several reasons why you may opt for a no-code application development platform for enterprise software implementation:

  • look for a software solution where there is no ready vertical solution
  • the vertical solution is really too much compared to your requirement
  • you want to concentrate many custom development needs into a single platform
  • you can't find programmers for your needs
  • your ERP or management system leaves several grey areas
  • you are under the impression that your organization is run with individual productivity tools (e.g., excel or email)
  • the operation of your processes is implicit and in some people's heads generating operational risks for your organization

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