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The No-code enterprise-class cloud platform

Build code-free software solutions to manage data, documents and business processes

No-code & Automation

Digitize Your Business with Minimal Effort

Jamio is an application development platform that enables building enterprise cloud applications without using programming languages, but conceptual models and visual languages in place of code.

Using the no-code approach, quickly build software applications for data, document, and process management using visual programming tools and Business Process Management logic, enabling your organization to innovate business processes.

Jamio is a valuable ally in any situation where different people, internal or external to an organization, need to collaborate with each other in a structured way to achieve a business objective, processing data from even different systems and returning output to those systems.


Digital Transformation

With Jamio You Can

Implement internal approval workflows, going beyond typical ERP functionality such as Rda, Order to Supplier, and Invoice Payment;

Manage and automate document flows (for example: manage a sales or employment contract, project, job order, protocol documents , distribute PEC communications....)

Manage collaborative processes involving people from an ecosystem such as customers, suppliers, an organization's partners, patients, and hospitals.... (for example automation of survay and accurate management of collected data, or even the ability to outsource processing to external parties)

and much more

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From modeling software applications
to using web-based solutions

Jamio Composer

Jamio composer low-code development no-code model driven

The modeling tool for creating your no-code software applications

Jamio On Stage

Jamio openwork no-code low-code platform

The (customizable) user interface where to utilise the solutions created with Jamio composer

If the organization changes
Jamio quickly readjusts to new requirements

The processes's digitization is now a necessity. How to implement it is a choice.

What is changing and how to deal with the challenges?

  • Change forces companies to speed up the pace of innovation in business processes and business models. Jamio is the no-code solution to make companies proactive and not victims of change.
Digital Transformation with Jamio

3 steps to digitizing your organization

Model Form and Workflow

Model forms to collect data and information, design your process workflows. Without using programming languages these will already be your business applications.

Publish to Cloud

Publish your application solutions to the Microsoft Cloud and make them immediately available to the entire organization.

Use the solutions

Use the applications made from any browser or mobile devices, wherever you are. Jamio is Smart Working Friendly.


Process automation

Jamio offers a functional wealth that allows you to address unlimited business cases

Platform As a Service

The benefits of a platform on the cloud

No infrastructure

No servers to install, no maintenance costs. All on Cloud with automatic platform updates.

Highest integration

Integrates with present business systems by invoking, through process service tasks, APIs from external systems. It exposes Web APIs to allow access to its application services according to the OpenAPI standard.

Documentation and support

Technical documentation available, training opportunities, and a large Jamio design community.


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