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The effective management of communication and notification processes

With the Jamio platform, it'ss possible to leverage a service that integrates several third-party technologies, called Plug Message, aimed at governing those processes, even complex ones, that involve exchange of PEC communications, emails or notifications.

In the Design Time phase of processes, then, specific service methods can be invoked to build ad hoc solutions where needed, for example : 

  • Sending or receiving PEC communications to or from different correspondents even in bulk form by monitoring their status
  • Receive email communications that may perhaps feed into subsequent processes or practices
  • Send e-mail communications , including automated ones that may contain information and attached files
  • send e-mail or SMS notifications¬†

Jamio is Goal Oriented
Control message delivery and initiate corrective action if the goal is not achieved on time

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Jamio's Plus

Validate contact details to manage secure processes

Again with Plug Message, to ensure the security of transactions handled in a jamio solution (e.g., electronic signature, validation of data or documents, etc.), it's possible to build processes that enable the validation of addresses over which relevant information passes.

Through the sending and verification of certified OTPs , it's therefore possible to validate an e-mail or telephone number, determining that it actually belongs to a contact. 

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