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Digital innovation with Jamio

Digitized processes with maximum autonomy

Process automation

Enable the enterprise to digitize business processes; coordinate people, data and documents all in one environment: secure, collaborative and automated. Restore value to your employees' work. Process automation is taken care of by Jamio

Rapid development

With Jamio forget the years it takes to develop. In a few days you can see your Solution Idea realized. In a few weeks your project will be in production and already used by your collaborators. Jamio is reduced time and affordable costs.

Integration of external services

What if you already have other software with which Jamio needs to communicate? No problem because Jamio offers the ability to easily integrate third-party applications to expand the efficiency of your system-enterprise.

The benefits of a Platform as a Service

Total control and deduction of costs

Reduced costs from the cloud

No infrastructure or software to install, with Jamio you work directly on Cloud and without additional investment in performance monitoring, service continuity, security. Think Jamio Cloud.

Traceability of the organization

Govern processes and events, but most importantly keep track of all your company's activities, data and information. Keep control of the Business and take action when needed.

Security By Design

The Jamio Cloud Platform is designed in compliance with European security and privacy regulations. With Jamio, your company's data is safe on European soil.


The advantages of Jamio openwork. One Platform, Many Solutions.

Jamio's no-code method

Jamio is an application development platform that enables the creation of cloud applications for business process management without using programming code.

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