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Speed up business processes

Add value to the company's Business

Centralizes Business in a Single Environment on Cloud

Track the activities of the entire organization, monitor, analyze and optimize activities and systems

Accelerates collaboration

Automate tasks, leverage interconnection to collaborate, enable remote collaboration

Respond quickly to internal requests

Jamio encourages rapid digitization and allows you to be immediate in fulfilling the requests of your internal stakeholders


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Jamio for IT Leader

Centralization, security and mobility

Jamio is the Cloud Business Process Management platform that enables organizations to manage and govern business processes, data, documents and communications, all centralized in a single workspace dedicated to your business.

With Jamio you speed up processes, keep track of activities and process progress, enabling the company to a structured and shared way of working to achieve Business goals.

With Jamio, moreover, data and information can be found anytime and anywhere you are, enabling you to carry out projects, activities and work assignmentsin mobility through mobile devices.

With the Cloud you can upload and download data and documents, monitor activities and manage communications whenever you want and in total security and GDPR compliance; Jamio, in fact, is on IaaS Microsoft Azure, among the most secure and state-of-the-art data centers in the world.

Jamio for IT Leader

Artificial intelligence and maximum collaboration

Jamio enables process-oriented information management by accelerating collaboration and productivity across the entire organization. Thanks to the Cloud, you can access data and documents at any time, even from mobile, check the status of activities and share key aspects with those involved in individual processes.

With Jamio you enable the enterprise to interconnect to accelerate collaboration and monitor workflows. You can also combine Jamio's business process management services with cognitive functions for artificial intelligence.

The synergy between Jamio and Microsoft Azure enables your organization to digitize intelligently, improving the experience of everyone involved in the process, including partners and customers.

With the cognitive services of the Jamio Cloud Platform you add value and speed to your business tools with a significant impact on Business activities. In addition, you can also combine Jamio's Business Process Management services with cognitive functions for artificial intelligence.


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