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Information management

Data and information management

Build tabs that collect useful information for your business case

Jamio's Plus

Model information sheets with no-code tools

Jamio has tools for modeling a generic business entity so that it can represent any real-world object, e.g., a product sheet, a quote card, a service request, a customer master, etc....

The purpose of the card is to collect a set of information and documents that can be imputed by a person. either directly or during the execution of a process, or by an external system or automatically precompiled based on context and/or conditional information (e.g., date, author, author role, etc.).

Support Business processes with information sheets on which to draw or report input/output information

Highly intuitive tools
to manage information

From modeling to use with one-click

From design-time to run-time

By performing one-click publishing of the solution to a Jamio workspace, the form modeled in design time is immediately usable from the front-end. Different forms compiled from the same template, based on an authorization profile, can be navigable and explorable through catalogs, i.e., lists of forms of the same type, possibly filtered against a selection rule.


From idea to solution
that works in 2 weeks

The challenge to innovation starts here!

Quickly build software solutions using fact sheets