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Short master sul no-code all’Università di Torino,.

20 febbraio 2024Come già annunciato qualche mese fa, l’Università di Torino ha inserito nella propria programmazione per l’a.a. 2023-24 un Corso Universitario di Aggiornamento Professionale.

Short master UNITO lowcode nocode Jamio

University of. short master's degree program kicks off.

Nov. 14, 2023The University of Turin is including in its schedule for a.y. 2023-24 a University Professional Development Course entitled "New Frontiers for Bringing Business and.

Digitization of BPM business processes

What is the right time to innovate.

Every business organization must face critical issues and physiological changes in order to continue to compete in the market. When and how do you seize the right moment?.

Cloud software platform business processes

Software or platform? Answers for those who.

Digitization involves the use of fast and effective tools: find out the difference between traditional software and BPM platform for business process automation.

Nocode lowcode BPM software

BPM & No-code: when digital transformation.

Innovating the company is not only about changing tools, but more importantly it is about adopting a different cultural approach to quickly achieve Business goals