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Short master sul no-code all’Università di Torino,.

20 febbraio 2024Come già annunciato qualche mese fa, l’Università di Torino ha inserito nella propria programmazione per l’a.a. 2023-24 un Corso Universitario di Aggiornamento Professionale.

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Behind the scenes of Jamio openwork and.

26 gennaio 2023Sentiamo sempre più la necessità di condividere con voi il volto umano della tecnologia di Jamio, presentando il nostro fantastico team, il contesto.

Experis Openwork nocode partnership

Partnership between Experis Italy (ManpowerGroup) and Openwork:.

Dec. 11, 2023Experis, a ManpowerGroup brand and IT provider of application solutions, consulting, resourcing and training, and Openwork sign a partnership agreement to bring.

Aruba Eterprise Jamio openwork partner

"Elastic technology that makes the.

Dec. 18, 2023For as long as I can remember, the mission of Openwork Technologies has focused on a strategic approach to defining and optimizing business processes through visual languages as a replacement.

Jamio openwork at the Aruba 2023 Summit

Openwork at Community Summit 2023 dedicated to.

Nov. 27, 2023 "Business Community Summit" is the event dedicated to all Aruba Business Partners. An interesting networking event scheduled for Tuesday, November 28 at.

Mecspe FIera del Levante Bari Openwork

Mecspe Bari: Openwork at international industry fair.

Nov. 24, 2023MECSPE is the International Trade Fair for the manufacturing industry, an important opportunity for visitors and exhibitors to learn about major technological innovations in the field of.

Short master UNITO lowcode nocode Jamio

University of. short master's degree program kicks off.

Nov. 14, 2023The University of Turin is including in its schedule for a.y. 2023-24 a University Professional Development Course entitled "New Frontiers for Bringing Business and.

Openwork nocode lowcode UNITO

20th ItAIS Conference: Openwork & UNITE for.

Oct. 18, 2023On Oct. 13 and 14, the 20th conference of the Italian Chapter of the AIS (Association for the.

Apulia Cyber-security forum Openwork Exprivia

Apulia CyberSecurity Forum: in the four-day present.

Oct. 12, 2023The 4th edition of the Apulia CyberSecurity Forum will be held in Molfetta, at Exprivia headquarters, from Oct. 17-20, 2023.The focus of the.

Openwork & University of Turin

Openwork at the University of Turin for.

The 20th conference of the Italian Chapter of the AIS (Association for the.