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University of Turin short master's course kicks off: course goals include business process modeling with Jamio

November 14, 2023

The University of Turin is including in its planning for a.y. 2023-24 a University Professional Development Course entitled. "New frontiers to bridge business and IT: Citizen Developer and no-code application development.".

In fact, the growing presence of low-code and no-code application development platforms on the market is leading to the emergence of new and different professionals who, without specific skills in programming, can deal with software solutions.

For this reason, the Department of Management at the University of Turin has become the promoter of a short master's program designed with the collaboration of Jamio openwork, EY, KPMG and theAssociation of Technologies for Accounting and Accountability, which will target young three-year undergraduates, master's students and ITS graduates, all with the aim of training and certifying the "Citizen Developer."

The 125-hour short master's program, with 40 hours of online face-to-face lectures and 85 hours of off-line content, includes topics ranging from general business process digitization culture to the importance of proper data management to actual modeling of organizations and processes using low-code/no-code platforms.

Jamio openwork, the Italian no-code application development platform and partner of the university project, will be the tool through which students will learn to develop business applications without knowledge of programming languages.


Prof. Silvana Secinaro
+39 - 338.9301725


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