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Openwork & University of Turin

Openwork at the University of Turin to talk about no-code and citizen developer. There is also a short master's degree

The 20th convention of the Italian Chapter of the Association for Information Systems ( AIS) will be held Oct. 13 and 14 at the University of Turin.

On this occasion, and after the recent collaboration with UNITO aimed at the study, dissemination and application of emerging technologies for business growth and development, Openwork will also take part in the conference dedicated to the topics of no-code and artificial intelligence to support management processes .

Indeed, new technologies are increasingly helping managers automate business processes without any knowledge of programming languages or without relying on software developers and engineers, enabling professionals to reduce development time and greatly increase business agility. These are all topics that will be covered within the panel organized by theAccounting and Accountability Technology Association and Turin University's AI Aware project.

It will also be an opportunity for Openwork and the University of Turin to promote the Short Master's program dedicated to young ITS undergraduates and graduates that provides training for Italy's first certified "Citizen Developers."

The following is the schedule of speeches on Oct. 13:

- Prof. Silvana Secinaro
Full Professor of Business Administration and Accounting, University of Turin

- Prof. Guido Boella
Full Professor of Informatics, University of Turin

- Prof. Davide Calandra
Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Accounting, University of Turin

- Dr. Philip Vitale
Head of Learning Academy, Openwork s.r.l.

- Dr. Roberto Bianchi
IT Partner, KPMG

- Dr. Alberto Marocchino
Senior Manager, KPMG

- Dr. Fabio Schena
Head of Studies, Innovation API Torino and Digital Innovation Hub Confapi


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Partnership between Experis Italy (ManpowerGroup) and Openwork: the approach.

Dec. 11, 2023Experis, a ManpowerGroup brand and IT provider of application solutions, consulting, resourcing and training, and Openwork sign an agreement to.

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