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Partnership between Experis Italy (ManpowerGroup) and Openwork: the no-code approach in offering IT solutions and professionals

December 11, 2023

Experis, a ManpowerGroup brand and IT provider of application solutions, consulting, resourcing, and training, and Openwork sign a partnership agreement to bring the no-code approach to offering IT solutions and professionals.

In fact, being a leading player in the IT&Technology Consulting scenario in Italy today cannot be separated from focusing on what is one of the trends that has a strong impact with respect to the talent shortage phenomenon in ICT: no-code enterprise-class application development.

For this reason, Experis plans to enrich its portfolio of offerings through the partnership it has just signed with Openwork, manufacturer of the Jamio openwork platform, one of the emerging technologies in the industry that can already count on an established customer base and a rather large set of business cases.

No-Code is an approach to software development that enables the creation of applications, websites, and automations without the need to use programming languages.

This makes it possible, for example, to intervene in business processes such as purchase requisition management, payment approval, ticket management, bid management, contract management, certificate issuance and more by integrating data, processes and taking into account the business organization. A "democratic" approach to building software for organizations that today also opens up greater inclusion of non-STEM profiles in these roles.

In fact, at a time of high Talent Shortage, particularly in the IT sector, even people who do not have a degree related to Information Technology or other technical subjects can use their business skills to create software applications.

Experis, which has a line completely dedicated to supporting companies in project implementation, contributes to the partnership with its own people who support Openwork innovation in client companies.


"We are very pleased to partner with an innovative company like Openwork. Through this agreement we can provide a further contribution to the digital transformation of Italian companies," said Silvio Totaro, Head of Sales Experis Italy. "Experis supports organizations by providing its expertise and cutting-edge technologies, through the consulting of the more than 1,000 People who today support companies in integrating and managing innovation, such as the implementation of Openwork's solutions."

"The agreement comes as part of the channel strengthening operation, which will continue to see Openwork engaged throughout the year 2024, and represents a path toward expanding our presence in the market and offering high-tech IT solutions," says Martin Arborea, Openwork's Sales Director. "Experis' expertise in business case analysis capabilities, market presence and system integration combined with the agility of the Jamio openwork platform will enable customers to access a complete ecosystem of innovative solutions and specialized expertise while reducing time to market and implementation risks."


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