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Jamio mixer R1
Jamio Mixer R1

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What's new in the new Jamio openwork release

Plug Digitalitaly

Expanded the operation of the plug with a new method useful for performing regulation-compliant digital preservation of a Jamio resource.



Introduced new OEL function useful for extracting only the text contained in an HTML string by removing all the tags.

Introduced, also, two new settings for the DistinctList function: it is now possible to choose whether the function should modify the initial list or return a new one containing the elements of the starting list and thus free of any duplicates and/or null elements.

 JAMIO Composer

Expanded checks during validation of a Jamio solution.

Specifically, an error is now returned if a custom control in a model layout is incorrectly associated with the AttachmentInfoList property.



Fixed some bugs related to:

- Jamioplug
- OEL Library
- OpenAPI Gateway
- Jamio On Stage
- Jamio Administration Console
- Jamio Composer