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What's new in the new Jamio openwork release

Jamio Plug Mixer 4.7 R3

Plug Service

Introduced, in beta release, a new JamioPlug for invoking REST services from process using a Service Task.

StripeConnect Plug

Introduced new methods for calling APIs exposed directly from Stripe


Plug Digitalitaly

1) Expand how the method works. SendResourceToRetention, introducing the possibility of setting a mapping for service configuration. In addition to resources of type Data and Document, it is now possible to send in retention also resources of type TrackingMessage.

2) Implemented the new method
PreviewInvoice that generates a Pdf preview of an Electronic Invoice from the .xml or .p7m file used in the Electronic Invoice Interchange System.


Plug Message

1) Changed the handling of anomaly type messages received in
a PEC box: it is now possible to view all the data of the original
message, including any attachments, in the resource created in reception, as is already done for receiving PEC messages. 

2) Improved handling of file attachments in received messages.


Plug Survey

Released the new web application Jamio Survey Designer for questionnaire design.

Plug Document Automation

1) Through the method FileFindExtension it is now possible to recognize files with .p7m extension.

2) Introduced two new methods: GetCertificateStatus which allows to check the status of an Advanced Electronic Signature certificate, DisableAdvancedSignature to cancel or revoke a signature certificate and defined for the method AddAdvancedSignatureByOTP the usability check of the signature: the method returns a specific error if the certificate is expired or not usable.

3) The CertificateExist methods is now declared obsolete.


1) Added new method among JamioACL services to replace the distribution list of a set of resources with that of the source resource;

2) Introduced new methods for managing organization and assignments.

Jamio Admin Console Mixer


Improved user experience of Jamio on stage web and Jamio composer.

Jamio API Mixer 4.7 R3


Released in Beta Version:

1) Tabs for creating and editing Plug configurations and credentials;

2) Export the list of Accounts in .csv format;

3) Consultation of the list of Jamio resources sent for preservation;


Introduced new OEL features for Dataset manipulation, productization operations, and conversions.


Enrich the functionality of the REST API with the ability to request the list of deleted items on a resource as of a given date.

Library Jamio Mixer


Correction of some bugs related to:

Jamio On Stage Web;

Jamio Composer;

JamioPlug Message;

JamioPlug Document Automation;

JamioPlug Elastic Storage;

Jamio Document;

OEL functions.