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Jamio mixer 4.7 R4
Jamio mixer 4.7 R4

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What's new in the new Jamio openwork release

Jamio plug service

Plug Service

Expanded the functionality of the RestInvoke method with the ability to include among the parameters the Nickname assigned to the Plug configuration oroperation associated with the configuration.


A new platform group called Super Administrators is now available. Members placed within the group can:

- enjoy the same privileges as a Jamio Area administrator;

- Have access to all resources since they are not subject to the controls of ACLs.


Beta Version released:

- The Organizations section in which to view the tree diagram of an organization drawn in Jamio composer with the ability to export it in .png or .svg format.


Improved the calendar view of a catalog. By setting the Italian language, Monday will be considered as the first day of the week.

Added new information between columns in the schedule catalog:

- Date and time of last execution;

- Date and time of next execution;

- Number of times the schedule was executed.

Jamio Calendar
Jamio task manager


Enriched user activity management states.

In particular, a new action called CancelTask was introduced, available only to Business Administrators, which allows a user task to be skipped.

In addition, the Abort action is now available even when the user activity is in a state other than Suspended. 


Improved and expanded the parameters of the following OEL features: FlattenDataset, Reference and GetFieldNames.

Jamio nocode


Optimized the display of fields related to input and output assignments of a task when designing a process.

Introduced a confirmation prompt when deleting expressions entered during development in unstructured mode in the appropriate editor.

Introduced the ability to duplicate an expression within the behavior editor and in business rules in processes.

Drawing processes with Jamio composer


Correction of some bugs related to:

Operation of resource links even in the presence of authentication in SSO;

OEL functions;

Jamio On Stage Web.