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Jamio Mixer 4.7

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What's new in Jamio openwork version 4.7

Stripe Connect Plug
Introduced new Plug for handling electronic payments via the Stripe platform.

Tracking a Shipment
Enrich shipment information and tracking message statuses by enabling new use cases, including AGID-compliant tracking of PEC shipments between Public Administrations.

Message Plug
Introduced management of sending targets for each recipient and new statuses in message processing.

Added functionality for sending notifications by e-mail or SMS and for generating, sending and verifying OTP codes by both SMS and e-mail.

Plug Digitalitaly
New plug for the implementation of solutions aimed at the management of electronic records, computer protocol and interoperability through PEC messages, according to AGID guidelines.

Plug Document Automation
Extended the scope of the plug with new methods aimed at enabling the construction of Jamioware to deliver simple or advanced electronic signature solutions and the affixing of electronic seals on documents.


Introduced new OEL functions useful for converting dates to numbers and vice versa.



Expanded the functionality of the administration console, in Beta Version:

1) enriched the service utilization dashboard with new information regarding the number of users and storage used and purchased;

2) introduced the ability to view the history of sessions and accesses to the Jamio openwork platform;

3) introduced the ability to view the list of operations performed through Jamio Plugs and Jamio Beats consumed by them;



Enrich the configuration capabilities of a solution through the ability to:

1) Define configuration parameters of value and expression type beyond those already available of alias type;

2) Provide instructions for the enhancement of configuration parameters;

3) display references to configuration parameters from different elements of a solution in a single screen

In addition, updating of the Reference and Datagridview controls, which reference a Jamio resource, when the user edits it, has been enabled.