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MAGAZINE NO. 13 - 6 good reasons to bet on the Cloud

In the time of Enterprise 4.0, a new scenario is influencing the market, organizations and digital services.
This is the Cloud, a technology that, thanks to its organizational and implementation flexibility, is able to offer services that are fast, efficient and in step with the continuing needs of businesses and customers.

The "6 Good Reasons to Bet on the Cloud" guide aims to dispel some of the myths revolving around the cloud, shed light on the most popular and most suitable cloud solutions for businesses, but above all to show those strengths that make the Cloud a workhorse for organizations; all while achieving organizational and economic benefits.

The numbers say that the digital revolution is underway and that falling behind would mean compromising one's competitiveness. In this free guide you will discover the factors that are increasingly steering organizations toward a new business model and effective management of business processes.

Editorial by:
Ivan Giuliani - Marketing Coordinator of Openwork





AI: increasing business investment to support business processes


Artificial intelligence and business processesBy 2022, corporate spending on systems of artificial intelligence will touch, in Western Europe, almost $11 billion; in this context there is also to highlight the role of Italy, which already in 2018 had reached the investment figure at 17 million euros and by the end of 2019 will see its rise toward 25 million.

This is the scenario presented by IDC (International Data Corporation) on the subject of investment in artificial intelligence and predicting, among other things, further growth globally touching $77.6 billion within the next 3 years.

Several sectors are involved in this evolution, ranging from banking to retail to health care, and it is especially in the latter branch that major advances are being made with improved models of patient care, disease diagnosis and treatment systems, and research tools.

Specifically, according to IDC's worldwide survey, cognitive services have already made improvements in workforce productivity and decision-making processes, up 20 percent and 17 percent, respectively.

The exponential growth of investments in cognitive services is a sign of how the orientation toward AI technologies is not only destined to be confirmed and expand in the coming years, but more importantly to create new consumer-centric business models, as well as to have a positive impact on the operational and decision-making processes of organizations.





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