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Openwork 's event in partnership with Microsoft returns to Rome onMay 8. We will show you during a Live Session the simplicity of the Zero-Code approach of the Jamio Openwork BPM platform, building together your step by step solution for the digitization of business processes.

At Microsoft House you will discover an innovative way to implement BPM solutions and bring your Business to Microsoft Azure.

CEO & CIO: A Language in Common for Digital Transformation 

The binomial Digital & Transformation generally brings in the common imagination images of innovation in software relegated to the skills of IT areas. Historically bearers of technology development in the enterprise are CIOs, IT managers, developers, who are also in the position of having to measure the effectiveness of the choices made through Business indicators.

So is the CIO really the "healthy carrier" of technological innovation in the company? This question is answered, data in hand, by research by John Rymer and Jeffrey Hammond, of the well-known U.S. Advisor Forrester.

Digital gaps, organizational barriers, and ROI are the brakes placed and imposed by CEOs on the work of CIOs, brakes that make it necessary to have co-participation in setting the guidelines for software choices in the company and verifying the results in terms of Business objectives.

We're not talking about simple IT management innovation or digitization, but rather identifying the strategies and competitive levers that will lead to business transformation through IT-that's Digital Transformation, something not just for CIOs, but especially for CEOs. Says Forrester, "As CEOs push "digital" initiatives at their companies, they elevate the role of software from cost center to strategic choice." That is, the dictat is not only to identify which software is the best option to solve a problem, but which is the right way to determine a business opportunity.

But what are the tools to ensure this collaboration between two worlds that look at different metrics? On the one hand we have the IT world, codes, the rapid and unstoppable development of technology. On the other we have business economics, competition, improvement of organizational processes, effectiveness, as well as efficiency. Forrester talks about a 5-point partnership between the two leaders:

  1. Define and keep IT goals aligned with business goals. As much as sharing business goals is a necessity, it is also true that it is important to constantly realign IT choices over time if the Business requires it.
  2. Establish the few, fundamental measures of success. AD and IT managers must identify the framework within which to design IT choices. Business needs then become a non-oppressive guide.
  3. Share an entrepreneurial mindset. It is important for CEOs to choose their CIO, not only because of IT expertise, but because he or she can also understand Business metrics.
  4. Priorities, plans and progress as a "stream of consciousness." No more periodic updates on goals and achievements, but a constant stream of communication between business management and IT, to be always in a position to revise the course dictated by the changes and challenges that companies face every day, and that require quick action even in the software sphere.
  5. Commit to keeping the talent pool fresh. A delicate point in our country given the significant Digital gap, thus difficult to reach with classic IT skills. However, Digital Transformation is also digital skills transformation, no longer relegated to programming codes, but more committed to translating IT references into Business.

So watchwords are two-way communication, to and from Business and IT, adaptation to change, i.e., adoption of technologies in exchange for continually evolving and evolving organizations. For this to be possible, it is necessary to have a shared language and more flexible tools.

Here then, the winning solution turns out to be a Model Driven Business Process Management (BPM ) platform, a technology that can originate a meeting point between Management and CIOs through the use of visual languages in place of typical programming codes (hence the Zero-Code concept). BPM platforms (one among them being. Jamio openwork) help medium and large organizations to digitize, manage and govern business processes by means of applications created with the help of a language precisely of Business, i.e., made of models and rules of behavior; thanks to the Model Driven approach even a management figure will be able to understand and build, in a few hours, software applications oriented to the management of Business processes.

What does all this mean? It means that CEOs (top management in general) and their software no longer travel by parallel lines, but intertwine their needs, speak the same language, and quickly reach the common goal.

So knowing the STRATEGIC and OPERATIONAL value of one's tools to power the Business is tantamount to giving one not only greater awareness of the company's goals, but more importantly, having that extra step to adapt to the rapid and constant changes imposed by the market.

Editorial by:
Rita Genchi
Sales & Marketing Specialist

Openwork and Samsung for Innovation Camp:
Project Work winners

The closing ceremony of the second edition of Samsung Innovation Camp was held Thursday, April 18, at the headquarters of theUniversity of Bari Aldo Moro, with the awarding of prizes to the groups of young undergraduates/graduates who presented the best project work to the two local entities involved in the Innovation Camp project, Openwork and Sidea Group.

Created with the idea of accompanying students from Italian universities in a training course on digital technologies, the initiative of Samsung Electronics Italia (in collaboration with Randstad), has received interest both from young people(494 students and recent graduates) and from the companies involved in the South Korean brand's project.

For the final phase of Innovation Camp, the best student proposals were selected and analyzed based on the requirements of the business cases commissioned by Openwork and Sidea Group, the two local companies that joined Samsung's initiative.

So in addition to the establishment of a Competence Center on Business Process Management with the Politecnico di Bari, Openwork also enthusiastically welcomed the initiative of Samsung and Randstad, confirming its interest on the digital technology gap and, as a result, on narrowing the gap between business and academia.

With the goal of increasing the sales conversion rate of Jamio (the Cloud BPM platform created by Openwork), students were asked to benchmark the actions put in place by competitors, study the impact on the Try&Buy technique and the related conversion rate, define the most suitable channels and tools for product promotion, identify methods for campaign monitoring and data analysis, and, most importantly, define the costs. In the case of Openwork, the winning groups were two, tied: E-nnomatics and the Digital Humans group.

The ceremony was attended by Prof. Salvatore Romanazzi - a member of the Uniba Evaluation Board - and Dr. Maria Teresa Bilancia, Events and Communication referent of the Placement Agency for theUniversity of Bari Aldo Moro; Anastasia Buda, Corporate Citizenship Manager of Samsung Electronics Italia; Martin Arborea, Sales & Marketing Director of Openwork ; and Angelo Perrini, Founder and Managing Director of Sidea Group.


More than 10,000 Italian students registered on the Samsung Innovation Camp platform, of these 45 percent were boys and 54 percent were girls, demonstrating a remarkable equal interest in digital disciplines between men and women. In addition to current students, many recent graduates also participated, reaching 25% of total registrations.



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