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Apulia, not just tourism: ICT sector also growing among SMEs

The IT sector in Puglia is no longer a gamble, but is now a steadily growing reality. A well-connected productive fabric that employs thousands of people, with a turnover of more than 400 million euros and a 6 percent year-on-year growth. (Assintel Report 2019)
"Today more than ever we can say that Puglia is not only attractive for tourism, food, aerospace and mechatronics, but also especially forICT," as Stefano D'Ascoli, vice president of the tertiary section of Confindustria Bari and Bat, says.
"The ICT companies in our area are characterized not only by size but especially by organization and mindset. There are few large and medium-sized companies but many SMEs of which some are structured as large companies. OItre to the well-known large and medium-sized companies [...] there are structured SMEs that represent excellence in the territory with also international presence." This is the case of innovative realities that are leaders in Italy in their sectors such as Openwork, Eusoft, Ethica System, ApuliaSoft, Grifo, to name a few.

An ICT network that is getting stronger today, thanks to a new path of cohesion among companies aimed at creating a collaborative network in the area. A network strongly promoted by Confidustria Bari-Bat together with the Distretto Produttivo dell'Informatica Pugliese, allied also on the important issue of human capital and specialized resources, the real differentiating factor for our territory, to date unfortunately still numerically insufficient.


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